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Butakoola Village Association for Development is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO), which started its development works in 2000 hence the name BUVAD_2000. BUVAD_2000 carries on its development work within the District of Kayunga. It has recently acquired NGO status (S.5914/8930) which allowed BUVAD to operate in the whole of Kayunga District. Although our current focal area is Kayunga Sub County but we are in the process of rolling out to other sub counties in the District of Kayunga.

The Sunflower Project - From Seeds to Oil


Hi everyone! Please support our Sunflower Project fundraising.

As for today, we have 4,200 Kg of sunflower that have being harvested by the pilot farmer groups and more planted. However, we do not the necessary equipment to process all these seeds to produce cooking oil. We do it manually; as that, we are neither being efficient nor effective on stabilizing the community members' income.

As that, today we, BUVAD, pledge to your kindness and willingness to help other to achieve better life standard through their own means. Donate for a Sustainable Life!

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BUVAD 2012 annual report


Warmest greetings from BUVAD, here is the annual report on the progress of BUVAD and the development of its projects.
BUVAD Annual Report for 2012.pdf

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2012 Christmas for the children

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Christmas at Bwetyaaba Primary School

Children lining up for GBP donations at the School

Children patiently wait for their backpacks while their names are read out

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Newsletter for July 2012


The first half of 2012 has been very tough for BUVAD. Amongst the most pressing needs towards the BUVAD work, has remained the challenge of raising funds to cover the annual administrative costs. Challenges like tentative closure of our bank account last month due to lack of funds, the organization website getting off air, failure to attend and hold some of the urgent meetings, lack of stationery to print out reports, lack of funds to pay for the annual audit 2011 by a certified firm, lack of funds to effectively monitor the unabatedly raising need for our charitable services, exhibit an outstanding need for BUVAD and our partners to enthusiastically fundraise and drive for administrative costs funding.

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Annual report for 2011


It's been a very busy start to the year for BUVADIn this year 2011. We managed to donate 570 school bags packed with school supplies to 570 needy children of Bwetyaaba Primary School, donated 230 pairs of shoes for 230 children of Bwetyaaba Primary School, donated school uniforms to 42 girls and 62 boys whom had dropped out due to school uniforms at Bwetyaaba Primary
school. We have also helped 3 orphaned and vulnerable girl children, get sponsorship back to school through which they will be supported till they complete studies as professionals.

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